Sales & Procurement Consultancy Services

We are passionate about both sales and procurement. Whether your goal is to drive top-line growth or to improve your bottom-line, our aim is to optimize your business and to create understanding between those who do not always agree. 

We enable improvement and innovation by offering new perspectives.

We help you with new perspectives within sales and procurement, sometimes even creating synergies between the two. Our passion is to innovate your process and improve your business.

A bridge between those who do not always agree.

By understanding the dynamics between sales and procurement, we can optimize your business.

We ask questions
We bring people together
We get things done
We adapt fast


We are curious and
create new opportunities.

What is that? How does it work? Why is that? How do you mean? Could we do it another way? What is the best way to get there?

It might sound childish to some but to us curiosity is dead serious. To learn new things. To meet new people or visit new places. To have the courage to dig deeper, ask the tough questions and be willing to understand different people’s perspectives.


We adapt to your needs.

We put challenges into a larger context to identify the right improvements for your business.


“Keen & Able has contributed greatly to improving our sales process”

“We continuously work with Keen & Able in large enterprise sales towards private and public sector. Projects get a running start and their consultants keep focus on long-term profitability. Keen & Able has contributed greatly to improving our sales process.”

Henry Nilsson
Sales Director

“I am guaranteed a
high quality delivery.”

“Keen & Able run strategic procurement projects in an efficient way. Their consultants put decisions into a larger context and increase consensus among our stakeholders. As a client I am guaranteed a high quality delivery.”

Martin Löfgren
Director Group Procurement
Scandic Hotels

The crew you want to be friends with. We are people’s people.

The two things that tie us together are our curiosity and our ability to get things done. We truly believe in enabling improvement by bringing people together.


These are some of the companies that we are proud to work with.

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